• Oregon Product Liability Attorneys

    The attorneys at Clark Law and Associates, LLC handle product liability claims, including defective product claims and food claims.

    If you've been a victim of your defective product you must do the following:
    Oregon Product Liability Attorneys
    - Call Clark Law and Associates, LLC at (503) 238-1010 to get a free initial consultation. If a legal professional does not answer the product, a legitimate assistant will take down your initial information and an attorney can get back usually within Twenty four hours.
    - Keep all records of any purchase
    - Take photos of the defective product as well as your injuries
    - Notify the one who sold the product along with the manufacturer which you were injured
    - Document your injuries by seeking prompt medical assistance
    - Keep an eye on any lost income or wages
    - Write correspondence or have Clark Law and Associates, LLC write correspondence in your stead requesting the entity responsible for the defective product to preserve evidence
    - Preserve all evidence and document the manner in which any evidence continues to be transported.
    - If applicable, have the product independently tested.
    - If your claim is against a governmental agency, hire Clark Law and Associates, LLC to do tort claim notice for you within 180 days under ORS 30.275.

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